This case study covers how we worked with a building inspection company based in Australia. In a little less than a year, with our sure-fire methodology, we generated very targeted traffic that converted and generated new sales for Begg’s Building.


Begg’s Building — A building inspection company based in New South Wales, Australia.


Technical on-site SEO, content relevancy development, link building and local SEO.


Ranked first on targeted search phrases in a little less than a year.


The first step was to make sure the website was correctly configured to leverage our methodology.

  • Technical audit
  • Content audit
  • Backlinks audit

This brought us to deindex by creating a no-index sitemap and delete pages to avoid cannibalization and increase the crawl budget available. 

We also changed the internal structure of the website to clarify the navigation and improve the crawl efficiency.

Once this step done, we had a clear vision of the content we needed to build, which page should they support and where to get links.

Audit SEO


During the audit, we established the candidates to bring and convert traffic. For specific search queries we had to create them from scratch.

We improved the landing pages to maximize their capacity to rank in the search engine and convert the traffic they receive into sales.

  • Website structure improvements
  • Conversion rate optimization by improving page structure and CTAs
  • Content optimization to improve relevancy


The content we created next served to qualify the website’s thematic and improve its rankings by having specific pieces of content aimed at gathering links and authority which in turn improve the landing pages rankings, thus the traffic volume they received. 

  • Creating dedicated content for the landing pages
  • Using LSI and support search phrases
  • Long-tail content, redirecting to landing pages
  • Link building campaign bringing 400 BLs over a year
backlink built
Rank tracking Beggs Building


By creating bridge content between its core thematic — building inspections — and the different localities it served, we managed to rank our landing pages on the first position for the 90% of the localities targeted and 100% in the top 3. 

We prioritized the cities and localities by search volume then built content that would earn local links, earning us the first position on the search engine results page.

  • Bridge-content on the city and localities services
  • Internal linking to support authority flow
  • Earning local backlinks and improving local-SEO rankings
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