This case study covers how we worked with Yakaz to increase its traffic by 1000% and increase its revenue by 300% in the very competitive niche of job classifieds aggregators. In 14 months with what became our sure-fire methodology, we generated very targeted traffic that converted and generated new revenue for Yakaz. Our aim is to build SEO-revenue focused traffic. 


Yakaz – An very strong expired domain (DR51 UR71, BLs 1M) one of the strongest aggregators in 2010 with 20m users including 4M in the USA and 4M in France.

1. Top-notch technical on-site SEO: created by a highly scalable SEO structure for millions of dedicated pages with unique content.
2. A strong backlink velocity roadmap focused on viral loops and network effects.
3. Rework of scalability of the product and its content
Generated +300K users per month after one year over all domains (.com, .fr, .in etc)


The first step was to understand competitors and Yakaz’ positioning  to make sure the website was correctly configured to leverage our methodology in terms of content seo-focused.

  • Technical audit
  • Backlinks audit
  • Content audit
  • Features audit

Based on our audits  and competitor analysis, we decided to work on the scalability of the product, created new features such as popular query pages, defined a backlinking and content strategy.  

We also changed the internal and multi-domains structure to clarify the navigation and improve the crawl efficiency.

Once this step done, we had a clear vision of the content we needed to build, which page should they support and where to get links.


Backlinks acquisition tactics

Backlinks velocity roadmap
(added backlinks per month)

  • 1st month: 15 BLs
  • 3nd month: 25 BLs
  • 5rd month: 40 BLs
  • 7th month: 55 BLs
Old Reporting template of linkbuilding

Example Backlinks reporting (old design) : 77 leads and 33 very targeted thematic backlinks in 3rd month velocity roadmap

work ON scalability of the product to beat yakaz’s competitors

The content we created next, served to qualify the website’s thematic and improve its rankings by having specific pieces of content aimed at gathering links and authority which in turn improved the landing pages rankings, thus the traffic volume they received. 

  • Creating queries pages to answer long-tail intent and increase seo qualification.
  • Creating wide static widgets
  • Long-tail content, redirecting to landing pages
  • Encrypt the affiliate links
  • Keyword selection with offer and demand validation
  • Keyword selection with offer and demand validation
  • Multilingual portal
  • Smart, large & fast crawling of partners
  • Semantic linking
  • Automatic Facets (filtering) management
  • Display results relevancy algorithms
  • Integrated Data-visualisation
  • Natural Content Generation for the ads
  • Natural Content Generation for semantic context
  • External content paraphrasing
  • Quality evaluation : grammar, complexity, duplicate content, volume of content

BlitzScaling - SEO


We scaled our SEO-content system to go from 1k to 3.6k referring domains.


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