Member's handbook

What is Juiiicy ?

1. Juiiicy, a new way to refer & find a job.

Juiiicy is a private community for designers to refer jobs to others or apply to jobs posted by others. Many of us receive more job inquiries than we can handle every day. And there is no place to spread the word and to help those companies find the right talent. Nor any place to help other fellow designers find their next job. That’s why we created Juiiicy. Juiiicy is full of awesome freelance inquiries referred by the top designers in the industry.

2. Designer posting a job, keep 7%

We believe the best way to support and motivate designers to post a job on Juiiicy is to give them a commission. 7% of the final invoice feels to be the right amount.

3. Designer taking on a job, keep 87%

We believe this number is very valuable because without the help of other designers spreading the world and posting these jobs, you may not have ever heard about them or had the chance to apply to them.

4. Our mission is to be the #1 site to find freelance work

Jeremy, Julien and Drew are spending time making Juiiicy better everyday, answering questions from clients and designers. That's why if a client finds a designer we apply a fee of 3% to the final invoice and another 3% goes to credit card processing fees. We truly believe that we can turn Juiiicy into the best site for designers to find freelance work.

The rules

1. Be fair, be honest

Part of the success of Juiiicy will be in how much clients and other designers can trust members of Juiiicy.

2. Post a job

Any designer can post (or refer) a job. Click on the "+" button on the top right. That will take you through the process of posting a job. Once the client you referred finds a designer, you will find the amount of your commission under the "payment" section.

3. Apply to a job

Any designer can apply to a job. Click on the "..." buttons to view the details of the jobs and apply to them. Once you do, you’ll find the list of the jobs you’ve applied to under "applications." For each one, you’ll have a dashboard that allows you to see all the activity (if a client hired you or sent you a message, ...) related to that job.

4. Invoices & payments

To make it really simple for both the designers and the client, Juiiicy will handle all the transactions. Once the client you’ve referred to Juiiicy finds a designer, Juiiicy collects the money as an escrow service. We then split the money and send it out to each person involved: designer who took the job, designer who posted the job, and Juiiicy. This guarantees that each party get it’s due share.