JUIIICY is a new way to find Freelance
from the best designers.

Few years ago, companies had no way to find designers. They did not have sites like Dribbble or Behance to go to get in touch with designers. It was hard for designers to put their name out there and get noticed. It was so hard to find companies interested in their services. But things have changed...

It becomes easy nowadays for companies to find designers. To the point that many of us can not handle all the freelance job inquiries we receive. But there is no place to spread the word to help those companies find the right talent. Nor any place to help other fellow designers find their next job.

We built a place
We call it Juiiicy

Juiiicy is a private community for top notch designers to refer freelances jobs to others or apply to jobs posted by others.

We created a platform that let the best designers in the world spread the word about inquiries they receive so other talented designers can take them on.

juiiicy is the holy
for designers
looking for work

We know where to go to find inspiration, but where do we go to find freelance work? Every week, hundreds of amazing projects from Ycombinator’s companies, Startups, Big companies are referred by our awesome community. Juiiicy has already helped many designers find work.

Designers, get paid
to refer jobs

We believe the best way to support and motivate designers to post a job on Juiiicy is to give them a commission. 7% of the final invoice feels to be the right number.

Many designers on Juiiicy already made thousands of dollars in one week by just referring a job.

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